Membership Report

Since FOTCH started 25 years ago, the membership has been growing at a  very steady rate.

I cannot believe that the membership started with just pen and paper.  Colin Bendall did an amazing job converting all the information onto a computer. Colin is my hero! I hope he is looking down on us and is proud that we are carrying on his good work.

At the peak of November 2014, we had 474 members. We currently have  460 members but I think with a good recruitment drive and passionate support, we can increase that total this year.

I am aware that there are many roads in the Tring area which are not represented by any FOTCH members, and some roads only have one or two members. So if you know of anyone who would like to join FOTCH, please let us know.

We have 198 family groups! If each of those families could invite just one
other family along to the Family Fun Day, it would make a huge  difference.

Helena Cook
FOTCH Membership Secretary


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