A huge milestone

Have the last 25 years seen more changes than in the previous quarter of a century? The World Wide Web, the end of the Cold War and apartheid, the  first black presidents in the USA and in South Africa, the first female Prime Minister in the UK, the break up of Yugoslavia, the Hubble  Telescope, the introduction of the single currency in Europe, a new  millennium, 9/11, Harry Potter, the destruction of the Rain Forest, global  warming, the economic crisis, female priests and bishops in the Church of England, same-sex marriage…

In that same timeframe the Parish Church in Tring has remained as the centre of the town, opening its doors to allcomers, baptizing, marrying, burying, worshipping, welcoming. And in case you think marriage is going
out of fashion, there are thirtythree weddings booked so far into the   church in 2015!

The building has undergone some changes to repair and renew and make relevant to the needs of a changing congregation. It has two toilets! The  walls, tower, steps and roof have been repaired. We await final  confirmation that we can complete the work on the floor in the Lady Chapel, retiling the wobbly floor. It has seen grief and sorrow but also much joy and celebration.

The people of Tring, the worshipping community, the Friends of Tring Church Heritage, have joined together to raise funds as needed and had fun along the way – with concerts, garden parties, barbecues and many events revolving around food! This is the 25th year of FOTCH. There is
much to look back and be thankful for. But there is also much to look forward to as a new generation pick up the baton to make sure the church  is here not just for another 25 years but into the next millennium.


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